Straighten Your Teeth – The Easy Way!

ClearCorrect™ aligners give your smile a makeover.

ClearCorrect™ is an innovative new way to straighten teeth without traditional orthodontics. Through using a series of clear, transparent aligners, ClearCorrect™ allows teeth to gradually and comfortably reposition themselves over time.


The benefits of these versus traditional braces are many. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners can simply be removed when eating meals, then popped back into place after brushing one’s teeth. Patients also do not have to limit the types of foods that they eat. Perhaps most importantly, ClearCorrect™ aligners are invisible, so patients who are trying to straighten their teeth are spared the ‘hardware’ of unsightly brackets and rubber bands.

To see if ClearCorrect™ would be a good solution to your dental needs, give us a call! Treatment begins with us taking a simple mold of your teeth, and the total duration of treatment will vary with the severity of your teeth’s needs. You may wear them for months, or perhaps a few years.