Repair Your Smile With Dentures

Don’t let tooth decay or gum disease prevent you from smiling


Full or Partial Dentures - Grenville dentistIf you have lost all of your natural teeth due to injury, gum disease or tooth decay, dentures are a viable option to repair your smile. In addition to impacting your speech patterns and the ability to chew foods, the loss of all of your teeth also causes your facial muscles to sag, making you appear older. Dentures help restore your ability to chew solid foods, speak clearly, and fill out the appearance of your face and smile.

Our Greenville family dental practice offers two types of removable dentures – partial dentures and full, or conventional, dentures. Similar to a dental bridge, a partial denture helps close the gap between missing teeth. The replacement teeth are set in a plastic base that fits over your remaining teeth. Conventional dentures are used if all of your natural teeth need to be replaced. The replacement teeth are placed in your mouth after the remaining teeth have been removed and your gums have healed, which may take several months.

As with any dental appliance, there is an adjustment period as you get used to wearing dentures. Dentures should be cared for in the same way you care for natural teeth. It is important to clean your dentures on a daily basis to avoid bacteria growth.

If you currently wear dentures, we offer same day repairs or adjustments at our on-site denture lab.

If you have concerns about wearing dentures, you may speak with our team about dental implants or bridges. Implants are generally more comfortable, durable and offer a permanent solution to the loss of multiple teeth.

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